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Excursions for Pilots:

I am mounting a service centre for foreign

hang-gliders and paragliders, who would like to fly in Brazil.

Brazil offers many beaultiful places and exceptional flying sites

for all the year round ,for experienced flyers who are looking for exciting

trips, flights and experiences.

My idea is to provide a complete service to foreign flyers,enabling

pilots to make the most of what Brazil has to offer.These services would

include,custom authorization, flight organization,

transportation,accomodation,meals and

evening entertainment.

I would like to know of your interest in this project

studying the feasabity about prices,duration ,hotels ,etc...

In addition extra activities can be added,mountain biking,trecking,horse

riding, diving, rafting, fishing, etc...

Brazil has an enormeous potential and I would like to know your own views.

We have only just started this project so we are accepting suggestions,

and we have some flying trips to offer to you already:

Rio de janeiro's round
Governador Valadares

Mail me back